Fast Facts

Birth name: Scott Vincent James Baio
Occupation: Actor
Birth date: Sept. 22, 1960
Birth place: Brooklyn, NY
Famous Tagline: "Joanie loves Chachi!"
Height: 5 feet 10.5 inches
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Spouse: Married Peaches Renee' Sloan on Sept 14, 2007
Children: Bailey DeLuca Baio was born on November 2, 2007

1. Scott and Renee' founded The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, a nonprofit for special needs children affected by metabolic disorders after their daughter was falsely diagnosed at birth with a metabolic disorder called GA-1. Visit for more information.

2. Facebook: The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation


Did you know?

1. Scott appeared in an episode of the smash television series "The Girls Next Door" in 2006.

2. Scott was named one of "TV Land's Top Ten Sexiest Men" in 2005.

3. Scott was named No. 18 on VH1's compilation of "100 Greatest Teen Stars."

4. Scott was a producer of the festival film "Very Mean Men" in 2000.

5. Scott's first taste of success came in 1976 when he was awarded the starring role in the children's film "Bugsy Malone."

6. Scott was offered the starring role of "Maverick" in 1986 film "Top Gun." He declined and the role, which was eventually accepted by Tom Cruise.

7. Steven Baio wrote a Charles in Charge episode

8. Steven Baio was a featured extra on Saturday Night Fever

9. Scott has never had a cup of coffee in his life

10. Scott loves tiramisu

11. Gary Marshall discovered Scott from Bugsy Malone and he put him in Blansky's Beauties. The show only aired a few episodes before Baio would become Chachi on Happy Days.

12. Scott's brother Steven was in 3 episodes of Happy Days playing the role of Joey.


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